MIM – June 25, 2018 issue

 1.Introduction of shops that collaborated with us on the Commercial District Multilingual Support Improvement Project. 【Pointage】



Minato City helps shops in the city communicate with customers in foreign languages.

This is one shop we supported.


Pointage is a Japanese delicatessen-style bakery. You can dine in at the bakery, which is lined with wonderful goods. Of course, you can also take out.

Pointage is popular among many people, from nearby residents to foreigners who work at the embassies. It is also conveniently located just three minutes on foot from Azabujuban Station, and its name comes from the French word, “pointage.”

Pointage offers many services throughout the day. There is a relaxed feeling in the morning as many nearby residents come to take out small items for breakfast. It is very popular at lunch time, and its delicious set meals are well-known. Open until 11:00 pm, the bakery also is unusual for selling alcoholic beverages, so many people stop in on their way home from work.

Address: Minato City, Azabujuban 3-3-10

Tel: 03-5445-4707

For more information, please see the URL below.

http://pointage-azabu10ban.com/#id225(外部サイトへリンク) (Japanese)


 2.Would you like to participate in an English walking tour of the city?

Enjoy this tour that combines walking along the waterfront and boating around Tokyo Bay, led by a Minato City Tourism Volunteer.

[Date & Time] Saturday, July 21, A Course: 12:40 pm – 3:00 pm, B Course, 1:10 pm – 3:30 pm, Saturday, August 4, C Course, 9:10 am – 11:30 am, D Course, 9:40 am – 12:00 noon.

[Courses] A and C Courses (walking and boating): Meet at JR Hamamatsucho Station, go through Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden, board the Shin-Tokyo Maru boat at Takeshibasanbashi Bridge to tour around Tokyo Bay, and disembark at Aomifuto to end the tour. B and D Courses (boating and walking): Meet at Takeshibasanbashi Bridge and board Shin-Tokyo Maru boat to tour around Tokyo Bay, disembark at Aomifuto and walk around Odaiba area before ending the tour at AQUA CiTY.

[Eligibility] This tour intended for participants in elementary school and older who can enjoy a tour by an English-speaking guide (participants will be expected to walk the entire distance)

[Capacity] 20 (by lottery). One application per participant. Write name of accompanying adult in the notes section.

[Fee] Free. However, there is a 150 JPY charge to enter Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden on the A and C Courses.

[Application] Please see the following URL


[Deadline] Applications for A and B Courses must arrive by Sunday, July 8. Applications for C and D Courses must arrive by Sunday, July 22. Notification of selected participants for A and B Courses will be by Wednesday, July 11. Notification of selected participants for C and D Courses will be by Wednesday, July 25.

[Contact] Minato City Volunteer Association (Weekdays, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm) Tel: 03-6452-8666 

Industry Promotion Section, Tourism Policy Subsection, Tel: 03-3578-2552


 3.Come see an exhibition on recycled furniture!

tana table

To promote the reuse of furniture, we host an annual Recycled Furniture Exhibition. The exhibited furniture will be on sale for prices ranging from 1,000 JPY to 10,000 JPY, depending on type and quality. (You must pay your own fees to transport any purchases you make.) The pieces are available for anyone to purchase, so we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity!

* Each household limited to one purchase of up to two items.

* You may not purchase items with the intent to resell them at a profit.

* Items may not be held by telephone or sold by mail order.

* Photographs are current as of February 1, 2018.

* Quantity and type of furniture on display varies daily.

* Items may differ from how they appear in photographs. They may be damaged, dirty, or appear to be a different color. Be sure to look at the item in person.

[Contact] Minato Recycling and Waste Management Office (Tel: 03-3450-8025) * Japanese only 


 4.Seeking runners for the MINATO City Marathon 2018

Seeking runners for the MINATO City Marathon 2018

In preparation for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, we are hosting sporting events that anyone can participate in, regardless of nationality or disability, from children to seniors, with the goal of creating an inclusive local society.

[Date] Sunday, December 2

[Venue] Course starts and finishes around Shibakoen

[Application Period] ① Minato City residents: Wednesday, June 13 – Tuesday, July 3, ② General applicants: Monday, July 23 – Friday, August 31.

* For more details, please see the URL below.

https://minato-half.jp/(外部サイトへリンク) (Japanese and English)

[Contact] Minato City Marathon Executive Committee (Tel: 03-5770-1400)

 5.Overview of facilities in Minato City — The National Art Center

This art museum offers a variety of exhibits utilizing Japan’s largest exhibition space. It collects materials and information related to art, exhibits and provides them, and spreads education. It is also equipped with a nursing room, childcare service (prior application required), a reastaurant/café, and a museum shop.

[Closed] Every Tuesday (If Tuesday is a national holiday or observed holiday, closed the following weekday), and during the Year-end and New Year’s holiday

[Fee] Fees apply to view exhibits. Museum entry is free.

[Address] Roppongi 7-22-2

*For more information, please see the website below.

http://www.nact.jp/(外部サイトへリンク) (available in 7 languages)

 6.Take care to prevent heat stroke!

Heat stroke causes you to become fatigued and dizzy or get a headache due to an increased body temperature. In severe cases, it can lead to loss of consciousness, and even be life-threatening. Seniors, infants, and people weakened by illness need to take special care to avoid heat stroke.

[How to Prevent Heat Stroke]

- Heat stroke can often occur, even indoors. When the temperature exceeds 28°C with over 70% humidity, you need to cool the room with air conditioning. Especially when it is warmer than your body temperature, using a fan can be counterproductive. In those cases, use the air conditioner.

- Try to avoid high temperatures and high humidity, and stay hydrated. If you sweat a lot, replenish your water and salt (electrolytes) by drinking sports drinks or slightly salted water. If you have a chronic disease, consult your primary care physician.

[Treating symptoms]

Symptoms come on quickly for heat stroke. If you do not have the stamina to drink water or if your symptoms do not improve, go immediately to a medical institution and get examined. If you do not have the stamina to get examined, immediately call an ambulance (If you are not sure whether you should call an ambulance, dial #7119).


◇ Meteorological Agency Website:
http://www.jma.go.jp/jma/indexe.html(外部サイトへリンク)(Japanese and English)

◇ AMDA International Medical Information Center:
http://amda-imic.com/(外部サイトへリンク) (Available in multiple languages)

We will introduce medical institutions and medical welfare systems in multiple languages.

- Consultation dates and times

English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Spanish: Every day from 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Portuguese: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Tagalog: Wednesday from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Vietnamese: Thursday from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

- Tel: 03-5285-8088

 7.Notice about Disaster Prevention Wireless System 


<Minato City has a disaster prevention wireless system>

In Minato City, speakers throughout the town will provide disaster information in the event of a disaster, such as an earthquake or tsunami. In order to check whether this equipment works, the song “Yuyake Koyake” is played every day at 5:00 pm.

<What should I do if I can’t hear the speaker because of heavy rain or traffic noise, or if I miss what it says?>

Please call 03-5401-0742. When you call this number, you can hear an automated recording of the announcement. (Available in English, Chinese and Korean)

We will also post the information on the Minato City Website, Twitter, and Facebook, and through the Disaster Prevention app. (Available in English, Chinese and Korean)

 8.Information on Minato City Bike Share

Minato City Bike Share is a bicycle rental service that allows you to rent and return an electric bicycle at any bicycle port you like. You can rent or return the bicycle in all bicycle ports in Minato City, Chiyoda City, Chuo City, Shinjuku City, Bunkyo City, Koto City, Shibuya City, Ota City and Shinagawa City. For more information and locations of the bicycle ports, please see the website below.


[Contact] Docomo Bike Share, Inc. (Tel. 0120-116-819) *Only in Japanese

 9.Creating a safe, secure Minato City free of graffiti 

Minato City is aiming to become a safe, secure city that is free of graffiti. Next month, in July, we will conduct an intensive survey of graffiti in Minato City. Graffiti is a clear crime that detracts from the value of buildings, which are assets belonging to people. Graffiti also negatively impacts the beauty of the city and can make visitors feel unsafe. It also can instigate other crimes. Graffiti is a nuisance to our city.

We ask for your assistance in reporting any graffiti you find to Minato City, and for your understanding as we continue these efforts.

Minato City graffiti surveyors

Minato City graffiti surveyors will go around Minato City taking pictures of graffiti in the city and recording information such as the buildings and the owners and managers of the buildings where graffiti is found.

* The surveyors will be contracted and will wear armbands and carry identification.

* Plans may change and be delayed into August or later in the case of bad weather.

* The graffiti that is found will be removed as it is discovered through graffiti removal in cooperation with local organizations.

 10.Please help stop unauthorized employment

Every June is “Stop Unauthorized Foreign Employment Month”.

What is “unauthorized employment”?

Employment is unauthorized in the following three cases. Foreigners who engage in unauthorized employment, as well as the employers who provide unauthorized employment, are subject to punishment.

(1) Work by unauthorized residents (those who entered Japan illegally or overstayed their authorization)

(2) Work by those who have not received permission to work from the Immigration Bureau

(3) Work done in violation of the terms of work permission granted by the Immigration Bureau

How to stop unauthorized employment?

When business owners employ foreigners, they should check the employee’s residency card to confirm whether the employee is eligible to work. (The residency card indicates on the front whether there are any limitations to the work that the resident can perform, and indicates the conditions on the work in the “permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted” line on the back.) Foreign residents who do not have a residency card may not be authorized to work. Please contact the Immigration Bureau for details. For more information, please see the Immigration Bureau website.

[Immigration Bureau Website URL] http://www.immi-moj.go.jp/(外部サイトへリンク)

We thank everyone, especially business owners, for their understanding and cooperation as we seek to stop unauthorized employment and create a city where everyone can live safely and securely.


Tokyo Immigration Bureau Tel: 5796-7111

Disaster Prevention Section, Living Safety Promotion Subsection Tel: 3578-2270