MIM-July 10,2018 issue

 1. Introduction of a restaurant that collaborated with us on the Commercial District Multilingual Support Improvement Project. 【Nogizaka Chojuan】

商店街店舗 長寿庵1 商店街店舗 長寿庵2

Minato City works to help restaurants in the city support customers in foreign languages.

This is one restaurant we supported.

【Nogizaka Chojuan】

At Nogizaka Chojuan, you can enjoy al dente soba noodles made with select buckwheat flour. There is a wide variety of options, including soba, udon, and delightful lunch sets. At night, you can enjoy delicious à la carte dishes cooked by a skilled chef, along with sake and shochu.

There are many appealing spots in the area around the nearby Nogizaka and Aoyama-Ichome stations, such as Tokyo Midtown and the National Art Center. It is also fun to take a stroll through the nearby Meijijingu Gaien after your meal.

For more details, please see the URL below.

http://www.nogizaka-chohjuan.com/(external link) (Japanese)

Address: Minato City, Minami-Aoyama 1-15-18 


 2.Would you like to have a casual chat in Japanese?


The International Exchange Center (IEC) at the International University of Health and Welfare, Tokyo Akasaka Campus distributes health and hospital-related information to foreign residents in the region and visitors from abroad. It is also available as a location for casual international exchange.

At the Center, there are opportunities to talk freely in Japanese with local people, Monday through Friday, from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon. The title of the event is “Nihongo-de Hanaso,” or “Let’s talk in Japanese.” Why don’t you stop by?


International University of Health and Welfare, Tokyo Akasaka Campus

International Exchange Center Ground Floor (GF)

TEL: 03-5574-3831 *Japanese and English

FAX 03-5574-3832

E-mail akasaka.iec@iuhw.ac.jp

https://akasaka.iuhw.ac.jp/international/index.html(external link) *Japanese and English

[Admission] Free 

 3.2018 SUMMER MINATO COLLECTION happening now!

In this program, a series of events will be held in cooperation between Minato City and museums in Minato City. While the program is ongoing, there will be a stamp rally held at museums throughout Minato City. Visit a lot of museums to see a variety of art and culture—both ancient and contemporary, Eastern and Western—as well as the latest technology and numerous collections and attractive events.

[Dates] Saturday, July 21 – Friday, August 31

[Eligibility] Anyone

[How to Participate] Get a pamphlet and stamp rally card at Minato Collection (Minakore) participating locations and municipal facilities. Collect the required number of stamps or more to receive a prize. For more information, see the program pamphlet or the Minato City Website at the URL below.


 4.Noh Theater Class for everyone



Noh has been recognized as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is a traditional Japanese performance art that has been passed down for around 650 years. This Noh Theater Class takes advantage of the summer to offer a hands-on child-focused experience that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Would you like to learn more about Noh, an art form that you cannot usually experience, including its basic incantations and movements and masks that are worn, as well as discussions on Noh?

There will be English interpreters available so that people from various countries can participate.

[Target audience] Students elementary school age and older, as well as their parents and general members of the public

[Dates] ① Saturday, August 4, ② Friday, August 17, and ③ Saturday, August 25

* Capacity for each event is 20. First-come, first-served.

* The lecture portion of all three events is from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon.

[Venue] Matsu-no-Kai Minato City Branch (Mita 4-1-26, Minato City)

[Fee] ① Minato City Citizen Discount Rate: 500 JPY, ② All others: 1,500 JPY.


① Deadline for Saturday, August 4 session: Saturday, July 28

② Deadline for Friday, August 17 session: Friday, August 10

③ Deadline for Saturday, August 25 session: Saturday, August 18

[Submit Application to] Matsu no Kai

[Tel. & Fax] 03-6767-5555

[E-mail] matsunokai@gmail.com

[Website] http//matsunokai.com/(external link)

[Contact] Promotion of Art and Culture Subsection, Community Promotion Section, Minato City Hall (Tel: 03-3578-2538) *Japanese only

 5.Minato City Cultural Partnership Program — Full Day of Museum for Children!

On a day when the Suntory Museum of Art is closed, it will be opened up as a children’s art museum. It features a variety of programs to make looking at art fun, even though Japanese art museums can seem difficult for children.

For more information, see the Suntory Museum of Art website below.

http://suntory.jp/SMA/(external link)

[Target audience]

Elementary school students and their parents/guardians


Tuesday, August 28 


10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Last entry: 4:30 pm)


Suntory Museum of Art

[Address] Tokyo Midtown Galleria 3F, Akasaka 9-7-4, Minato City 107-8643

[Admission fee]

Free (some programs available for a fee)


Suntory Museum of Art: 3479-8600 (Japanese and English)

Minato City Community Promotion Section, Promotion of Art and Culture Subsection (Tel: 3578-2538, Japanese only)

 6. Minato City Historical Forum to be held — Diplomacy in the Late Edo to Early Meiji Eras

We will host a Minato City Historical Forum, including a lecture and talk show on the topic of Diplomacy in the Late Edo to Early Meiji Eras.

At the Minato City Historical Forum, we will investigate the political and cultural interaction between Japan and other countries from the perspective of Tsuji (interpreters) and Ukiyoe (a painting style), and look at the backstage of diplomacy in the late Edo to early Meiji eras.

[Date & Time] Sunday, September 2, 2018, ① 1:30 pm – 3:50 pm, ② 5:00 pm – 7:20 pm (Session ① and Session ② have the same content)

[Venue] Akasaka Civic Center, Citizens Hall


 Lecture: Dr. Naoki Kimura (Professor, Nagasaki University)

 Talk show: Dr. Mayumi Sugawara (Professor, Osaka City University)

[Capacity] 400 per lecture (chosen by lottery)

[Eligibility] This forum is intended for anyone who can understand spoken Japanese. Application also available to non-residents of Minato City.

[Fee] Free

[Application] Anyone can apply by Internet or post card.

 Write the following on a postcard and submit it to us at the address below: your postal code, address (note if a work or school address), name, age, daytime contact number, preferred session (write (1) for daytime session and (2) for evening session), number of participants (up to 2 per application), the name and age of any accompanying person, and whether you need sign language interpretation or childcare services. 100-8502 (No address necessary) Tokyo Shimbun Advertising Bureau, Minato City Historical Forum Office

 Or, apply using the following URL. https://minato-rekishi-tanbou.com/(external link)

 * Admission tickets will be sent to selected applicants.

 * The forum will be held in Japanese.

[Application Deadline] Must arrive by Monday, August 13, 2018


 Tokyo Newspaper Advertising Bureau, Minato City Historical Forum Office (10:00 am – 5:00 pm on weekdays), Tel: 6910-2483

 7.Overview of Facilities in Minato City — Healthena Health Promotion Center

This facility helps people 18 and older with improving their health, as well as prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related illnesses. There are a variety of health classes, and individually tailored health training programs created with doctors, registered dieticians, and health and fitness counselors.

[Hours] 9:30 am – 9:00 pm (Last reception: 8:30 pm)

[Closed] The third Sunday of every month, December 29 – January 3, and other irregular closings.

[Location] Minato City, Akasaka 4-18-13, Akasaka Community Plaza 6F (Tel: 03-5413-2717) *Japanese only.

 8.2018 Odaiba ocean swimming “Odaiba Plage”

お台場プラージュ1 お台場プラージュ2

2018 Odaiba ocean swimming has been reimagined as “Odaiba Plage,” recreating the atmosphere of “Paris Plage,” a sign that summer has arrived in Paris.

At Odaiba Plage, in addition to a recreation of the Paris Plage atmosphere, where participants can enjoy the feeling of taking a vacation to the banks of the Seine, there will also be PR booths from the city of Paris set up. Why not try a taste of Paris on the beach in Odaiba?

* “Plage” is French for “beach.”

[Dates] Saturday, July 28 – Sunday, August 5

[Venue] Odaiba Kaihin-Koen (Minato City, Daiba 1-4)

[Eligibility] Anyone (Elementary school students in grade 4 and younger must be accompanied for ocean swimming experience)

[Fee] Free

[Application] No application required. Please come to the venue directly. Please note that in order to swim, you must sign an agreement on site.

[Event information]

In addition to rest areas, changing rooms, and shower rooms, there will be items set up so people of all ages can enjoy the beach more, including kids’ boats, floatation devices (water rollers), and a floating island.

 9.You can use indoor pools at public schools and Minato City municipal elementary and junior high schools in Minato City

☆People who live and work in Minato City can use the indoor pools at schools in the city☆

We hope you will take advantage of them if you are feeling tired and need to be refreshed.

[Eligibility] Anyone with a personal registration card who lives or works in Minato City (no card required for children in junior high school and younger).

Please bring any of the following forms of identification. You may begin to use the pool starting the date you provide identification.

For Minato City residents: An ID that shows your name and address (driver’s license, health insurance card, resident card, etc.)

For people who work in Minato City: An ID that shows your company address and your (the user’s) name (employee ID, health insurance card, work certificate, etc.)

* A business card is not sufficient ID to sign up.

Tuesday, Wednesday: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm (reserved for groups)

Thursday, Friday: 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays that fall on Thursday or Friday: 10:00 am – noon, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm, and 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

[Fee] Adults: 500 JPY. Elementary, junior high, and high school students: 100 JPY. Seniors 65 and older, disabled individuals who live in Minato City, and preschool-age children 3 and older: Free

[Pool not available to the following]

Children under 3 years old

Children who are not toilet trained

People under the influence of alcohol

People with coronary disease or communicable illness

People who are prohibited by their doctor from using a pool

[Contact] Secretariat of the Board of Education, Lifelong Learning Promotion Section, Sports Promotion Subsection (03-3578-2750) *Japanese only.

Please see the following URL.


 10.Do you know about the National Pension Premium Exemption System?

There is a premium exemption system for people who have difficulty paying their National Pension premiums for economic reasons, such as low income.

☆ Types of exemptions

- Full exemption

- 3/4 exemption (1/4 payment)

- 1/2 exemption (1/2 payment)

- 1/4 exemption (3/4 payment)

* In addition to this exemption system, there is also a premium payment postponement system for students and people under 50 whose income, or whose spouse’s income fell below a certain amount in the previous year. (For students, this is only available if the student’s own income was below the level.) Periods of postponement will not be reflected in the pension amount.

* You can apply for a retroactive exemption up to 2 years and 1 month in the past.

☆ Income standards

The applicant, their spouse, or their head of household must have an income below a specified amount, which varies by sizes of household. There are certain exceptions for reasons such as unemployment or natural disaster.

☆ Period of exemption approval

Includes receipt period for Elderly, Disability, and Basic Survivors’ Pensions.

☆ Calculation of Basic Pension for the Elderly

The pension amount will change to reflect the approved category and period of the exemption.

Note that periods of premium non-payment during approved partial exemptions will not be reflected in the pension amount.

☆ Supplementary premium payment

You can supplement exempted premium payments for up to 10 years after an exemption period. (Additional charges apply)

* Apply at the Pension Office or the municipal office where you live.

[Contact] (Japanese only)

National Health Insurance and Pension Section, National Pension Subsection: 03-3578-2663

Minato City Pension Office: 03-5401-3211